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Platinum HD Showreel - Brett Clements

Brett Clements' Showreel. from PlatinumHD Propvid on Vimeo.

Why Video? Version 3.0. The base for an ongoing edit. Features a lot of new RED Epic footage. I have spent the last year learning this totally awesome camera. Unfortunately, so many of the films I've been working on of late are under embargo or top secret pilot formats for Companies I can't screen just yet. That said, we've needed a new reel for ages yet each time I've gone to cut it, another big production looms. And never, ever being happy with what I've shot....I've lived in wait and hope for the perfect shot. We all know that'll never happen. So, last week, I had some impetus to get a basic cut done for my mate Chris Gilmour who's off to Adelaide this week. Special thanks to Linda, Diahann, Michael, Gibbo, Chris, Tom, Christian, Anthony, Zoran, Simon, Kristen and all the CREW. As well as Nick and Travis (behind the scenes). And people like Jen and April, Paul and Steve, Dan & Aaron and all our CLIENTS. You're #ucking awesome.

Check out my appearances in the showreel for Platinum HD, Brett Clements videographer. Amazing work!

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