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September Video Blog ;)

Posted on September 13, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

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Posted on July 10, 2012 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Well Hello There!...

To say that the last couple months have been exciting, would be a massive understatement! I have been so blessed with how busy and successful the time has been and I can't wait to keep making a move.

I entered a no experience necessary DJ competition in Brisbane, and won a spot in the 72 QLD finalists to go to DJ School each week and then perform at Birdees in front of a crowd! The competition winner gets to play Stereosonic this year and the major winner goes to play for Paradise Club in Mykonos and also in Thailand! Although I'm not actually setting high hopes to win this comp, there are far more deserving applicants than me, I am looking forward to gaining the new skills and possibly getting a foot in the music industry door this way. I've also loved music and to sing, and I figure djing would be another avenue on the way to these. Today is the last class before our competition/battle night on the 21st! So if you would like tickets to come watch me (possibly watch me stuff up big time! haha) then contact me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/aprilchavezhobbsmodel - Tickets are only $10, and if you want to come back on Sunday for the second night, my brother is also djing in the competition! (Talented family hehe)... Even my three year old son has been having a go on the decks ;)

Aside from that I became the official Face of Bella Bronze Tanning here on the coast. Jasmine is amazing and always makes sure I have an amazing tan for my photoshoots and such - I've started to realise just how bad sun tanning is for your skin and believe that spray tanning is a much better option for your skin, and leaves it looking even every time - Check her out!

I also had the opportunity to do a promotional shoot for Go Girl (Vaniggy Fashions) who are going to sponsor me for the 2013 Miss Galaxy pageant next year. It was a great day and I can't wait for the posters and marking material to be released! It includes shots with a beautiful horse, coastal python, beach shots and some photos on a yacht - By far the most fun shoot so far, so watch this space & my Facebook page for updates.

I had quite a lot of fun filming as an Extra for the Evi music video shoot (Abby Skye), she is absolutely amazing and the song is extremely catchy so I have no doubt it will be successful... I don't fancy myself much of an actor, but here's hoping I increase my skills and confidence because I would love to do more extras work and presenting!

I also had an award winning Journalist interview me regarding my Gastroschisis Support Group for mums, so hopefully we will get some more exposure for that and get a few steps closer towards finding a cause and cure for this birth defect. Go to www.gastroschisismiracles.webs.com for more info :)

The biggest opportunity for me so far though, was being named the Face of Turn On Love Drink for the next 12 months! It is an Aphrodisiac drink, so it can be classed as a little bit of a raunchy product, but the Australian Director has some big plans involved which doesn't include crude marketing - It's going to be classy and aimed at couples more so. They are looking to have these being sold in 7/11s, every club, pub, and bar as well as Adult stores... and potentially a contract with Woolworths & Coles, because it is a completely natural, herbal drink. Basically what it does is brings the blood closer to the surface and nerve endings, obviously in all the right places, increasing your pleasure and is safe enough for everyone to drink. It has already been released in the States and has some big name ambassadors such as Donald Trump! So I will be in for a lot of campaiging, promos, media appearances etc while travelling and networking. I'm absolutely busting at the seams with excitement! And the team are absolutely wonderful people... I couldn't have asked for a better bunch.

But this is only the beginning for me... I have a lot of things in the mix, including a Bras N Things shopping spree in Sydney with Sheridyn Fisher, which I believe will also give me some needed exposure as well. I continue to be an Opportunist at every twist and turn, remaining positive, grounded and grateful for every experience.

Thank you to all who voted and supported me in the Turn Me On Love Drink competition, over 135 competitors in Australia and New Zealand entered, and I'm eternally grateful that I was the winner - I won't let you down :)

Don't forget to go to my Videos page to check out the most recent Video Portfolios & the Your Shot competition videos for an update! You will love them - I'm so lucky to know such amazingly talented people 8)

Onwards & Upwards... Much Love, April x

Grab your copy of Zoo Weekly mag TODAY!

Posted on May 7, 2012 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been trying to contain my excitement about this coming issue of Zoo Weekly, and finally it's here! :)

I had such an amazing time with the Zoo team down in Sydney shooting for the Sharehouse Survival feature article - Everyone was very professional and so much fun to hang out with for the day. I got the opportunity to work with the wonderful Marta Dabrowski on the shoot, and it looks fantastic! So grab your copy today, 7th of may issue. Unfortunately they named me "Alice" on the cover haha, but who can complain really - its a massive appearance, so win win either way ;)

On another note, I've had a great couple of shoots lately - A video test shoot with the awesome, Dominik Muench. So talented and fun to hang out with - Can't wait to post the results of this shoot, its something completely unique and exciting, and Dom is the BEST at what he does!

I also had the opportunity to work with a great team for a Pink Chille Photography shoot. Jodie at Gloss makeup, Phil Chille is the photographer and my girlfriend Tiff at Belle HairStyling. The photos came out amazingly, Phil and I really brought our game this time haha. We had one failed attempt at a shoot the first time, I was so unwell and had to cancel mid-shoot. But everything happens for a reason, and the second shoot looks better than I could have ever hoped.

What an inspiring week! All I can say is, learn from the rejection you receive and rise above any negative experiences - they definitely make you stronger and build your desire to succeed no matter who says you can't possibly succeed. ALWAYS keep your head up and never take anything negative to heart... Prove your haters WRONG.

So much to look forward to this year, things are on the up and get better & better. I have my beautiful, healthy, loving family and friends, and my dreams are coming true - Hard work pays off. 8)

Take care always,

April xxx

Everything Happens for a Reason...

Posted on March 31, 2012 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

What a massive week... And what a massive week AHEAD!

Full of opportunity and a little disappointment... After my awesome experience as a tv extra on Reef Doctors, I had a job trial for casual Administration work with a Childrens Photography company, which went amazingly - After all, Life is all about the Hustle lol. Although it's not the most exciting job in the world at the moment, it is flexible and a great hourly rate which I would be happy with. After my trial, they asked me to start on Monday... I had one more interview I wanted to attend though, with the Princess Polly online store - The interview went well, and I was so confident that I had the job... they would let me know the next day.

So Friday was my mums wedding day, we made the trip to Hervey Bay the night before and then I impatiently waited to hear from Princess Polly ;) Unfortunately for me, they had told me I had come a very close second to another candidate and didn't get the job... I was pretty disappointed... I had my heart set on that job and felt like I was settling by having to take the other position.

Not even half an hour later, I get a voicemail from a Sydney number on my phone. When I listen to the message, it's the beautiful Manisha from Zoo Weekly mag asking me to call her back about a job for this Thursday! I couldn't believe my luck! I called her back straight away, I didn't care about looking too keen, I was just SO excited!

She explained it was a feature shoot based around Share-house situations and living with roommates, but a girls take on the male type of share-houses... drinking out of the milk carton, dirty dishes, etc. Not trashy lingerie, but bonds-type shoot in a bachelor setting house in Coogee; Hair, Makeup, Styling, Flights included and the days full payment for 9-5.30pm working with another model.... AWESOME!

All I could think was, if I had been offered the job with Princess Polly full-time then there was no way that I would have been able to attend this shoot with Zoo on Thursday - But now that I have the casual job then I get to do BOTH... When I called them to say I could start the job on Monday, my recruitment officer told me they would like to meet with me to offer some full-time positions to me which were coming up in the next couple weeks. I couldn't believe it! I ended up getting exactly what I wanted plus MORE 8)

Seriously, everything does seem to happen for a reason... And when one door closes, God opens a window ;)

The wedding was amazing, and I got to spend a couple special days with my immediate and extended family... I've never seen my mum so happy. I got the best news ever and topped it off with an amazing weekend.

With Success comes Failure left behind... We cannot learn to succeed without failing at one point or another.

God is Amazing... Never Regret, and always have Faith xox

My day working as a TV Extra on the set of Reef Doctors!

Posted on March 27, 2012 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Thank you Fenwicks Actors & Models for what was an amazing & loong day! ...Up at 3.30am to get to a Tv Extra job on the set of Reef Doctors at Warner Bros, GC.

I played a patient who had stood on glass while partying too hard & was being treated by two of the hottest doctors ever, especially as a couple...Stunning! - 3 scenes later with lots of aspect takes, I was done for the day.

Met some amazing & down-to-earth people, the actors are just so humble and accepting, including the hilarious Richie Branco, and lovely Lisa McCune! WOW! This airs in September, so KEEP TUNED!


Then got ready for an interview with Katz model management... they seem great & are keen to have my Eurasian look on their books, (as well as my partner, who they noticed is a hottie also! lol) but still my height is limiting to the type of work I would receive - so I may just stick to freelance for awhile. It's not their fault, they just explained to me that their clients generally have a height requirement for photographic work, and I do not meet it. Which is what Tamblyn in Brisbane also said to me.

Commercial work wouldn't be bad, but I have a problem with being told I'm not good enough for something... So I will try harder to prove them wrong.;)


I have a Unit Clothing test shoot to look forward to next month, another awesome creative portfolio shoot with Charis & Martin tomorrow, and have been approached by Brooke Evers to feature as an early entrant in the Zoo weekly mag CoverGirl 2012. I just missed out on the Beach Babes 2012 finalists because I got in too late, but would very much love your support for this next upcoming competition. So check out Zoo mag in the next few weeks, it wont be on the website until next month but it hits the mag first :)


I've also been lucky enough to score a job trial on thursday for casual work in the meantime, & have an interview with Princess Pollys online store team for a full-time position which I would Adore! Fingers crossed!...

So I can't complain about the day I've had, at all...All this, plus a healthy & happy family?



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